Other Bentonite Productrs : Kutch Minerals : Gujarat - India

As an antisetting Agent, KM'S UM Brand super fine Bentonite powder is much in demand for use in detergent industry and by ultramarine Blue manufacturers.
KM Bentonite also especially processes Bentonite under Brand Name MAXBOND SPECIAL for use in Refractories as inner lining in furnaces, to prevent erosion of molten metals form destroying these.
The Suyperfine Bentonite Powder-SF brand is exclusively and extensively used by pencil industry to bind the graphite compound into pencil lead.

Apart from specific Brands and their respective applications described above, other major applications of KM Bentonite are:

COATINGS - As a base.
CEMENTS & PLASTERS:- As a plasticizing agent.
WATER IMPEDANCE:- As a barrier.
INSECTICIDES:- As a carrier.
ADHESIVES:-As a thickener.
INSULATION:- As a binder.
PORCELAIN:- As a suspending agent.
PAPER INDUSTRY:- As a pitch control agent.
SEWER PIPES:- As a lubricant and sealant.
PRINTINGS:- As a suspending agent.
CERAMICS:- As a plasticizer.


Small amounts of KM'S FEED GRADE BENTONITE based in these operations promote integrity of the cubes and pellets and, when eaten, slows the digestive movement allowing ruminants to absorb additional amounts of important nutrients form fodder consumed.